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My girlfriend and I started our adventure in Amsterdam. There is such a strange feeling about a place where I do not have to worry about opening my purse and having a big bag of Tangerine Dream fall out onto the floor. Holland is very forward-thinking. Crime is down, money is being made for the Netherlands, which in the end is being used to bail out the countries that are bitching the most. But no border in the EU has customs, so stuff would get through either way. Prohibition would only make things worse inside and outside of The Netherlands. The Dutch are receiving such pressure from neighbouring countries that they have started to enforce a law that bans tourists from purchasing pot from coffee shops.

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Rand Paul should have been on the apology tour with Obama. He says they may have played a role. Dean Clancy I personally think: US sanctions on Japan had almost nothing to do with causing Pearl Harbor.

The news: It seems like there are niche dating websites for every interest group, from book lovers and sci-fi geeks to equestrians and people who are gluten-free or STD-positive. And now, there.

This area is about 40 miles northeast of Nashville. Here is the story. Written by Rick Archer, November Long ago I concluded that marijuana is probably less damaging than alcohol. But since alcohol is legal, whenever it is time to relax a little, I have decided it is much easier to drink than get stoned. That said, I don’t worry too much about people who smoke pot. I think the laws against marijuana are way behind the times.

I smoked marijuana several times when I was in college 40 years ago. Yes, I found smoking pot worked wonders for music, food, and you know what. But then I noticed how difficult it was to concentrate on my studies the day after. Realizing my problem was directly related to marijuana use the previous evening, I decided there was no way I was going to jeopardize my grades again.

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But James Garner took it up in the ’40s, and by , when he began his five-year run on “Maverick,” he’d been a pot enthusiast for at least a decade. Crosby’s friend Louis Armstrong introduced him to the drug, according to biographer Gary Giddins. Many years later, one of Bing’s sons recalled “times when marijuana was mentioned and he’d get a smile on his face.

It’s hardly ironclad evidence, but the Hollywood icon does appear to have a case of the giggles and the anonymous person who shot the footage insisted that what looks at first glance like a cigarette was in fact marijuana—supplied by the amateur filmmaker. Bob Denver The Skipper’s little buddy on “Gilligan’s Island” was arrested in for receiving a parcel of marijuana at his home.

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November 7, Posted in: On one hand, very little; on the other, almost everything. But let me back up a bit and apologize to my readers for being, to put it mildly, less than faithful in keeping up with this blog. I could offer a panoply of excuses, most of them self-serving or nonsensical, but the unvarnished truth is that both my mind and body have been elsewhere. I typed the initial words of this article — long since deleted — at the beginning of September, It was meant to be the start of a series detailing my trip around the world.

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I live with a potsmoker which tries to cut back whenever I nag about the smoking but never really takes the full initiative to stop. I think I’ve heard it all, I want to stop but can’t, I need help, I can stop whenever I want to, I’m not hurting anyone else by doing it But the truth is he is I use to smoke with him before but I stopped because i saw how it was affecting my relationship with my kids.

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He died of esophageal cancer [4] in September , when Armstrong was He has five older siblings: David, Alan, Marci, Hollie, and Anna. His mother worked as waitress at Rod’s Hickory Pit [4] restaurant in El Cerrito , where Armstrong and Dirnt played their first gig in Armstrong’s interest in music started at a young age. The first concert Armstrong watched is Van Halen in Armstrong and Mike Dirnt ‘s first live performance under the name Green Day was in Davis , a town approximately an hour’s drive northeast of the San Francisco Bay area.

On his 18th birthday February 17, , he dropped out to pursue his musical career.

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This finely carved and modelled stoneware miniature demonstrates the exceptional skills of the Martin Brothers’ individual style. It is decorated with incised and raised foliage, picked out in blue on four light brown panels against a darker body. In the Gothic style, the scrolling foliage is different in each panel and epitomises the emphasis the Arts and Crafts movement placed on hand worked craftsmanship. Clear incised signature and date 6 cm high.

In excellent condition free from chips or cracks. Dating from the ‘s with clear incised mark “Martin London”.

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Consider also the most popular explanation offered for the photo right , that a concretion formed around an s-era hammer as minerals precipitated out of the surrounding limestone. From Adam until Real Science Radio , in only generations! Another paper, in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology Eugenie Scott ‘s own field on High mitochondrial mutation rates , shows that one mitochondrial DNA mutation occurs every other generation, which, as creationists point out , indicates that mtEve would have lived about generations ago.

That’s not so old! As our List of Not So Old Things this web page reveals, by a kneejerk reaction evolutionary scientists assign ages of tens or hundreds of thousands of years or at least just long enough to contradict Moses’ chronology in Genesis. However, with closer study, routinely, more and more old ages get revised downward to fit the world’s growing scientific knowledge.


Russia, through the traitorous cooperation and complicity of President Obama, is positioning its assets in order to attack Alaska. Obama was bred by communists, raised by communists, educated at the finest schools with communist money, his political career was launched by communists and his controllers in the White House are communists. Part one of this series will clearly establish the fact that Obama is the lynchpin of a multigenerational plan to hand America over to the Russians and to the Chinese communists.

Obama did not just wake up one day and decide to weaken American defenses and hand over the country to the Russian communists. Obama was groomed for this position for the past several years.

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Upon entering the site, you’re asked whether you’d prefer text or video, then paired in an anonymous chat room with a random weed-smoker somewhere in the world. The little number next to your name is supposed to signify how high you are: In the conversation above, I, a zero, am sober. My Scottish friend, a nine, is “kipping. Enough to log on to a chat room devoted to it. But they’re also united by a higher-minded purpose: PuffPuffChatters, like stoners at large, are an affable bunch.


Groundwork for the Christian faith and the use of cannabis. Mankind has used cannabis forever. The earliest artifacts of human industry available to the 21st century are pieces of hemp cloth. The ancients were also kind enough to leave us years worth of medical history. It is not a far-fetched argument to suggest cannabis has a place in virtually every culture in history.

A real lasting relationship with a common love for ganja is now possible through these special dating sites created for potheads. Love-seeking potheads, look no further. We know how complicated it can be finding a partner you’re compatible with – finding one who tokes too can be equally as difficult.

Read more Datingside for potheads about the party part of my journalistic research, naturally and she said she had no idea it was a singles mixer for stoners. I congratulated B and Jonathan on their relationship. Todd Mitchem feels your pain. I actually walked out of a date after paying of course and said to myself, thats.

My ultimate goal in attending this party was to see what kind of people are on the stoner dating scene, and to achieve this, I had to appear eager to meet potential mates even though I had no intention of actually starting a relationship with. A similar site, called m, launched this spring and has around 6, members already. The backyard of the venue was packed with groups of guys and girls smoking weed, and the first thing that struck me was the racial diversity of the crowd.

Finding a friend to smoke with can be tricky, but dating is even harder.

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